Tax Problems

Put your Tax problems to Rest

If you feel that you are being unjustly pursued by the CRA for money owed or are facing any other problem with the agency, we can help. We are familiar with how the agency works and will recommend courses of action to mitigate the problem without blowing your budget.

Take the first step to resolving your issues with the CRA by contacting us today!

Problem/Issue Checklist

If you are experiencing any of these problems and/or issues with the CRA, you may be eligible to get the help you need to resolve them quickly and efficiently with JMK Accounting Solutions.

  • You received an audit notification
  • You haven’t filed your tax returns for more than 1 year
  • You owe back taxes
  • You are experiencing payroll tax problems
  • The CRA is threatening to:
    • seize your bank account and pull out your funds
    • confiscate your paycheck and retirement savings
    • to seize your personal property