Managing payroll is a time-consuming task, whether it is at a small or big company. Small business owners spend on average eight hours a month on this function — time that could otherwise be spent on marketing, sales, planning or servicing customers. At JMK Accounting Solutions, we can run your payroll while you manage other areas of your business.

Why Hire us for your Payroll?

  • Save Time and Money. Leave it to the experts to run your payroll while avoiding the overhead expense of employing full-time staff to manage this ongoing function. Our experts have extensive experience in this department, and are well versed in the legal aspects of administering payroll for any size company. Cut overhead and add more time to revenue-generating activities by hiring JMK Accounting Solutions today!
  • Save the Hassle. Outsourcing your payroll not only saves you time and money, but spares you the burden of performing data entry, acquainting yourself with legal matters, and staying up-to-date on payroll-related issues.

Accurate, Comprehensive Reports

For a minimal investment, we will generate a variety of payroll-related reports periodically or on demand, including workers’ compensation reports and much more.

Payroll Packages

While we recognize that every client has different needs regarding payroll, we offer three “base” packages that can be customized to your requirements.

Under this package, we manage every aspect of your payroll.

  • Timely preparation , printing and delivery of payroll checks
  • Execute direct deposits and payroll tax deposits
  • Prepare and file CRA remittance reports on time
  • Deliver user-friendly periodical (monthly/ quarterly/ annual) payroll tax reports, including T4s, T4 summary and T5008 forms.
  • Prepare and file employee-centric reports (e.g., vacation, sick days, accruals, and new hires.)
  • Continuous update and maintenance of payroll records