Quickbooks Help

Cost: After reviewing your current bookkeeping and billing practices, product/ service portfolio, and number of users, among other things, we will provide a quote that meets your budget expectations. QuickBooks is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it is configured to the unique requirements of the user and therefore the price will vary from client to client.

Set up: The time it will take to get Quick Books “up and running” will depend on the client’s specific needs along with any special features requested.

Installation Cycle: We will:

  • Recommend the optimal software and hardware based on your specific software and accounting needs
  • Design, install, and test the recommended and accepted software package that will accommodate chart of accounts, payroll, accounts receivable, inventory, accounts payable, etc.
  • Determine launch date
  • Load and enter the following as of the launch date:
    • Chart of accounts
    • Balances
    • Outstanding accounts receivables and payables
    • Ending statement bank balances
    • Outstanding checks & deposits in transit
  • List all products, services, charges, and sales taxes to be entered into the system
  • Compare your trial balance as of the launch date with that from your old system
  • Enter a sample of your transactions as of the launch date
  • Train users

Recurring Services:

  • Follow up on client to ensure they are using the software as intended
  • Conduct a periodical review (monthly, quarterly or annual) of the client’s QuickBooks data to assist with the delivery of tax preparation and management reports.