Small Business Accounting

At JMK Accounting, we can deliver the following on a monthly or quarterly basis:

Keep your bank accounts, accounting and taxes up-to-date by reconciling your chequing accounts on a regular or monthly basis. By doing so, you will be able to:

  • Identify unredeemable cheques and misappropriated or lost deposits
  • Identify and any unauthorized transactions
  • Detect and prevent excess or unjustified fees while ensuring that all transactions are posted correctly and in timely fashion by your bank
  • Proactively halt the embezzlement of funds originating within and outside your company
  • Get a more accurate account of your company’s financial performance by reconciling multiple accounts on a properly formatted financial statement
  • Manage your cash flow more effectively, which will help you maximize savings and revenue
  • Receive insurance against any unauthorized, fraudulent transactions processed on your behalf by the bank, in which case you will be entitled to receive any reimbursements following such activity. This transfers 100% of the risk to your financial institution, not you
  • Receive the peace of mind knowing that your bank accounts are in balance, up-to date and accounted for

Based on your specific requirements, we can deliver our services under any of packages below on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis

This package is ideal for start-ups, not-for profits, small businesses and companies with minimal bookkeeping requirements. Under this package we will:

  • Prepare and issue customer invoices, payments and statements (postage charges may apply)
  • Post vendor billings
  • Verify statements from vendors
  • Post journal entries on a monthly basis
  • Reconcile bank, credit card and other types of statements
  • Prepare and file GST, PST, HST returns
  • Deliver monthly reports that include
    • Accounts Receivable (AR) Report
    • Accounts Payable (AP) Report
    • Income Statement
    • Balance sheet
  • Unlimited Consultations

Run your business wisely by having us run your accounting department!

In addition to these critical accounting services, we also provide payroll, QuickBooks services and tax preparation so that you won’t have to worry about them while running your business — common sense that makes a lot of sense!